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Most of us experience anxiety, which is a completely natural and beneficial feeling to have at times; it can keep us safe. However, some of us experience anxiety on a more constant basis, or an unnecessarily high level of anxiety for various situations. 

You may feel anxiety to the extent that you struggle with communication and connection in relationships. Maybe your anxiety paralyzes you from doing what you want or need to be happy. Or perhaps your anxiety makes you feel so judged you constantly strive for perfection, which can never be attained.

These thoughts do not have to be your reality; they are distortions.


The nice thing about cognitive distortions is that they are not permanent. You are not doomed to live with these overwhelming thoughts and feelings for life. 

In therapy, we will identify these distortions that are causing so much anxiety and chaos in your life. You will learn to not only name the distortions, but you will be able to challenge them. Once you are challenging your distorted thoughts you will be able to work on replacing them with new dialogue, a new perspective on your feelings and your experiences. 

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